Managing My Account

To view your account information, login to DD Suite and choose ‘Account’ on the upper right.


This section includes a list of notification messages and links to the appropriate page to complete the action. Examples include:

  • Joining an Organization

  • Changing a temporary password

  • Sending verification email (Note: the verification requirement has been discontinued. We are leaving this in place for people who had recently created an account and never verified it. New accounts and email updates will no longer need verification).


This section includes general information about the user.

  • Edit link - Change any of your current account information. If you want to change your own email address, it is recommended that you edit your current account using this link instead of creating a new one.

  • Change link - In order to change your password, you will need to know your current password.


This section includes links to create or join an Organization. There is also a list of Organization(s) the User has requested to join, along with the status and access level that you have in each Organization.

  • Authorized - you have been approved as a member of the Organization

  • Pending - the Organization Administrator has yet to approve or deny your request to join.

  • Denied - you have been denied access and are not a member of the Organization.

Note: An Organization’s administrator has access to all DD Suite features. Organization Administrators must approve all requests to join that Organization. If you choose to create a new Organization, you will automatically become the Administrator for that Organization.