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DD Suite is a web-based project management and performance database. Public and private funding organizations use DD Suite for all of their grant management procedures.

From process flow to performance indicators, features can be customized to meet specific needs or used out of the box.

This all-in-one system features online RFPs to Applications through final grantee reports, including multiple query and report functions. DD Suite provides the critical tools and statistics to enable data driven decisions.

Why use DD Suite?

  • Post Grant Opportunities: Request Letters of Interest (LOI) and/or full Applications.

  • Accept Applications: Submitted online by potential Grantees.

  • Award Grants: With automatic notification to Grantees.

  • Accept Grantee Reports: Both Program and Expense reports completed online.

  • Remind Grantees and Staff: Automated email system and dashboard lists to notify grantees and funder staff of tasks.

  • Manage Internal Projects: Track organizational objectives online via customized projects and periodic reporting.


We have released a new Dashboard in DD Suite for Councils / Funding Organizations and Grantees.  We did this for a better user experience.

New Council/Funding Organization Dashboard

You will see that the previous dashboard had the modules on the right, now we have them on the left-hand side of the Dashboard.

The Notifications will be on the right-hand side, they were previously on the left-hand side. The colored graph will change each time the page reloads, if you have it to Show All. Otherwise, it will just have the specific Notification you choose. (See below for more information).

We also added another new feature, the search function. The search function will allow you to search for all of the related search items, not having to go to each of the modules, NoFA, Applications, Projects, Periodic Reporting, etc.  The search result will bring up everything under that keyword.

You can find out more information here: New Dashboard

New Grantee Dashboard

We have also updated our Grantee Dashboard. All the links will be the same, but they are just moved to the left side and the Reports, Projects, and Applications are in the middle. Any Notifications will be on the right. You can find out more information here: Grantee Dashboard

Search Feature for Councils/Funding Organizations

When you hit enter in your search, it will bring up the next page. As you can see the search results will show up newest to oldest. 


Another feature on the Dashboard is the Notifications Graph on the right hand side of the page. The colors will change each time the page reloads. You can select multiple options in the dropdown menu above the graph.

The Notifications will be on the right hand side, they were previously on the left hand side. The colored graph will change each time the page reloads, if you have it to Show All. Otherwise, it will just have the specific Notification you choose.

This new feature in DD Suite allows a Council / Funding Organization to be able to enter the Outputs/Outcomes from the Goals and Objectives in the their Five-Year State Plan. The Outputs and Outcomes with will appear (view only) in Grantee Periodic Program Reports, based on the state plan associations in the project work plan.

This feature will be helpful for grantees when completing Periodic Program Reports.

If you don’t add anything, you won’t notice the changes.

In the example below: you can see on the Periodic Program Report, the Outputs and Outcomes are not listed for Goal 1 Objective 2 (since nothing was added - see above) but they are listed for Goal 1 Objective 3 because Outputs and Outcomes had data entered when setting up the Goals and Objectives (see above).

You will find notifications of releases and updates in the comments.

For more information on key features, go here: https://ddsuite.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DSH/pages/848756737

The DD Suite Trust was established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2008 to provide a “mechanism for the collection and payments of costs related to operating and enhancing the DD Suite grants management system”. The system was originally built to improve efficiency in project management, data collection and federal reporting for the 56 State Councils on Developmental Disabilities. Out of these efforts, the DD Suite National Partnership was born. A decade later the Partnership was expanded to include other grant making organizations.

We understand that every grant maker is unique. The features most important to one grant giving organization are different than other grant makers. Our members not only have access to a comprehensive grants management system, but also a direct say in the development of system enhancements. Members can also procure customized features to meet their mandated specifications. Our technical assistance goes beyond on-line help and FAQs. We are here to develop person to person connections.

You are not a customer. You are a partner. Become a member today!