Frequently Asked Questions

User Accounts

I've forgotten my password, how can I login?

On the Login page, select the link titled "Forgot/Reset Password" and fill in the form. An email containing a temporary password will be sent to the email address associated with the User Account. Use the temporary password to login, then click on “Account” to change it.

I have a User Account but do not belong to an Organization. How do I see NoFAs / RFPs and apply for Grants?

A User must belong to an Organization in order to view NoFAs / RFPs and apply for Grants. If you are a Sole Proprietor, you can create an Organization using your name.

Can I use one email for multiple Organizations?

Yes, login and choose "My Account" in the upper right. You can join an existing Organization (or create a new one) in the Organizations section.

Can I use separate emails for each Organization I belong to?

Yes, you can create multiple User Accounts. There is no limit to how many accounts you can have, however each User Account must have a unique email address.

Login and choose "My Account" in the upper right. You must join the Funding Organization through the Organizations section. Select 'Join' and use the drop down menu to select the state/territory. Select your specific Organization type. The Organization's Local Administrator must authorize your access level.

Why does DD Suite require me to answer a security question when I sign up for an Account?

A security question is included to provide verification information should we need to contact you.

Why is a form validation required on the 'sign up' and 'forgot password' screens?

This step provides added security to prevent misuse (hacking) of the DD Suite.


When creating our Organization, I receive an error indicating that the Organization Name already exists. How can I create a new Organization?

You must use a unique name for your Organization. You can do this by specifying more detail in the Organization name. A common solution is to add the location to the name, such as "The Arc in Plymouth".

Notices of Funds Available (NoFA) / Requests for Proposals (RFP)

There is a NoFA / RFP from an Organization that I don't see on the main page. How do I apply?

Due to individual state regulations and/or policies, some Funding Organizations may not post funding opportunities on DD Suite. Contact the Funding Organization directly for more information on how to apply for their funds.

Overview of the 'Grants Management' Process

Can you provide a quick overview of the Grant process?

The figure below represents the workflow process for grants. Contact the specific Funding Organization for detailed information.

Staff cannot see Periodic Reports

This typically occurs because the staff person has not been assigned to the project. Grantee Administrators, and Grantee Staff specifically assigned to a project (via People tab) have access to grants and periodic reports.

The following are solutions to this problem:

  • A Grantee Administrator can change a staff's access level from 'grantee staff' to 'administrator'.

  • The Funding Organization can open the project to edit, and add the missing staff to the People tab.

  • The Funding Organization can open the project ‘People’ tab through ‘Grantee Edit’, which will allow the Grantee to add the missing Grantee Staff.

How can I print a Periodic Report in Progress?

Reports can also be viewed (and printed) by visiting the Projects module, selecting a project, and clicking on the Reports button on the top right. Adjust the filters and click Apply Filters. Even the "in-progress" fields will be displayed.

Technical Web Questions

DD Suite doesn't seem to be working?

First check your computer's connection to the internet. It is also recommended that you try to access DD Suite from another computer at another location. Access to web sites is sometimes restricted by your IT department, in which case you will need to contact them. We have also determined that some mobile browsers require the full "" address in order to access the site.

Do all browsers work with DD Suite?

You can access and use DD Suite on all recent versions of major web browsers in a desktop environment. Note that JavaScript must be enabled! DD Suite will also work on many tablet devices, such as Apple's iPad and Microsoft's Surface. DD Suite will also work on many mobile devices, however, some enhanced features may not function on mobile devices.

Does DD Suite track my information?

Tracking by DD Suite is minimal and only for purposes related to use of the system. Any information that you enter into a form will be stored in DD Suite, but it is neither shared nor accessible outside the system. DD Suite does utilize 'session cookies' to assist in making the user experience more supportive, but that information disappears when you close your browser.