Printing Screens Under DD Suite

Reports and screens can only be printed using your Browser. See the next section for tips and techniques.

DD Suite 5 supports printing directly from your Browser. Each screen/ page has been designed to support various screen widths – to a point. Because of the amount of data on screen, we do not recommend viewing DD Suite on anything smaller than 1024 pixel (width) device.

You should consider printing using Landscape mode for certain screens. Almost all 'navigation' links and/or buttons will not display when printed.

Ctrl P will bring up the print window. You can save as PDF or Print to PDF


NEW: When logged in, the DD Suite header at the top of the page, is replaced by your Organization's name when printing.

In some cases, such as 'listing screens', where the list was defined using the filter options, the filter options will remain on the printed copy. This allows the viewer to see the criteria used when creating the list. Additionally for these types of screens, headers for table data will be repeated on every page where table data is printed. (This may depend on the Browser/version being used.)

For your print out, you may have more control of what is being printed in the header and footer of the page by using your Browser's 'Page Setup' or 'Print Options' screens. You can usually find these under a 'Print Preview' or a 'Print...' menu option.

*Note: While setting your printing preferences, you may wish to enable an option such as "Fit-to-Print" or "Enable Shrink-to-Fit" or "Scale" for enhanced results. See the green highlight around the options in the figures below.

Internet Explorer 11

An example of IE's "Enable Shrink-to-Fit" under Print, Page Setup.

Google Chrome

An example of Chrome's "Scale" (percent) option under Print, "+ More settings".

Mozilla Firefox

An example of Firefox's Print, Page Setup with both Scale and Shrink-to-fit Page Width (mutually exclusive) options.