Account and Organization Overview

Before using DD Suite, a User must create an account and verify their password. They next can ask to join, or create an Organization.

For New Grantees

Begin by reading our Overview document. New Users and Organizations Overview

When applying for a grant, you must join (or create) your own organization. Grantees do not join a Funding Organization.

Before creating a new organization, make sure it does not already exist. Duplicate Organizations cause confusion. If you find that your Organization is already on file but the listed staff has left, login and file a Technical Assistance request.

If DD Suite says that your account is already on file - you have two choices.

  • If you are creating the account for someone else, then you can contact them and find out if they can login. If they can login, then they should ask to join your Organization. If they cannot login have them reset their password. If they still cannot figure it out, then file a Technical Assistance request and we will help you.

  • If you are creating your own account, and don't remember your password, simply click on Forgot/Reset Password, and continue from there.

Our Grantee Administrator has left the organization. What should we do?

Every working Grantee Organization needs a Grantee Administrator to function in DD Suite. If your Organization has no Grantee Administrator, please read No Grantee Admin. You may need to file a Technical Assistance Request.