Creating a DD Suite Account


Creating an Account

A new User must sign up for a new account. Each account must have a unique email address. An Administrator can add Users by navigating from Organization Administration -> Accounts -> Add User. The new User will receive an email with the password.


  1. From the DD Suite home page, select the “Sign up” link.


  2. In the “Email” field, enter your full e-mail address (example:

    Note: The next field, Re-enter Email, is to ensure that you have entered the right address. The two fields must match to Save your account and cannot be filled using copy/paste.

  3. In the next few fields, continue entering the information to customize your account.

  4. In the “Password” field, type the password you will use to login to your account.

    In the “Re-enter Password” field, type the same password again. Copy/paste will not work.

    *Note: Password requirements include a minimum of 8 characters, a maximum of 64 characters and at least one each of the following: Capital letter, lowercase letter, number, and symbol character. Spaces are not allowed.

    Also, note the convenient "Show Password" option - if checked your actual password will display instead of stars.

  5. In the “Select Security Question” dropdown menu, choose a question that you will easily know the answer to.

  6. In the “Security Answer” field, insert the answer to the security question.
    *Note: You may have to answer this question in the future in order to verify your identity and change your account information.

  7. For security purposes, enter the answer to the system-generated question in the “Form Validation” field below the question.

    *Note: The correct answer to this question confirms that a person is attempting to create an account on DD Suite.

  8. Select the “Save” button to create your account.


  9. If save is successful, and your account is created, you can now log in to DD Suite.

Logging in to DD Suite

  1. From the DD Suite home page, select the “Login” link.


  2. Enter your login credentials for your DD Suite account in the “Email” and “Password” fields.

  3. Select the “Submit” button to log in to your personal dashboard.