Add Organization Users

Administrators Adding Users

Administrators can create accounts for new Users who will be associated with an organization.

  • Local (grant makers) and Grantee Administrators can create accounts for their own Organization.

  • Local administrators can create accounts for Grantee Organizations which will initiate a Join request.

When a User is added by an Administrator, DD Suite will send the new User an email with a system generated password.

If you try to add someone who already has an account, you will get an error message saying that the account already exists. The User will need to login and request to join an Organization (See Joining an Organization). The Verification Email has been replaced with a second Re-Enter Email field. Typing in the email address twice should ensure that it has been entered correctly. Copy/paste is not allowed in either of these email address fields.

Adding a User to your Own Organization

  • Log into DD Suite.

  • Select the "Administration" Module. (Note: your Modules could look different, depending on your organization).


  • Next, select "Accounts".


  • Select the "Add User" button.


  • Fill in all of the information for the User (required fields are marked with a red asterisk).

    The Administrator must set the new User's access level within their organization.


  • Click the “Save” button to add this User to administrator's organization.

    Note: The new User will receive an email with a temporary password, along with instructions for logging into DD Suite.