Grant Reporting

Grant Reporting Overview

Most grants require periodic Program Reports, Expense Reports, and/or Summary Reports. DD Suite emails reminders to Grantees, and any overdue reports will be listed in Notifications on the right side of the Dashboard. Grantees must be included as assigned Grantee Staff in the Grant, in order to access the Periodic Reports, or be listed as a Grantee Admin.

Note: Mods are not available with Summary Reports.

Standard Workflow for Periodic Reports

  • Not Started or In Progress - Grantees fill out the report with updates on grant progress. A completed report is then Submitted.

  • Submitted - The Funder reviews submitted reports. The Funder has three possible responses: Save and Accept, Request Mods, and Reset.

  • Save and Accept - The Funder is satisfied with the report, clicks Save and Accept, and the report's status becomes Accepted.

  • Request Mods - After describing requested changes for specific sections of a report, the Funder can click on Request Mods. The status becomes Mod Request.

  • Mod Request status - The Grantee can edit specific sections. Once the Grantee is done, they submit the report to send it back to the Funder.

  • Reset - If the Funder resets the report, it returns to a status of In Progress, and the Grantee can edit all information in the report. Reset is available for reports in the following states: Submitted, Request Mods, and Accepted.