Grantee Applications


DD Suite users may apply for grants.

  • Begin the application by completing (and saving) the Setup page (For more information, see Grantees->Notice of Funds Available)

  • The application will now show a number of tabs with forms that require information.

  • Once all of information has been filled in, the applicant can click on Validate and Submit.

  • The Validate and Submit page will either describe what is missing, or allow the user to go forward with the final submission by clicking Submit Application at the bottom of the page.

To monitor progress, click on the Summary tab. Users may print these pages. We recommend that Print Preview be selected, and the page sizing be set to "Shrink to fit" or "Scale" to ensure text wraps correctly. You can find out more information here:

To view the applications that you have already submitted, or are working on, you can go to the Dashboard and click on Applications.