Grantee Dashboard

Applicant / Grantee Organization Dashboard


‘Notifications’ provides a display of items that require action by the user. The following items are included in the list of notifications.

  1. Account Messages- notifications about some aspect of your account that has to be changed.

  2. Join Requests- notifications that a User has requested to join your organization and is awaiting approval (Administrators only)

  3. Letters of Interest

  4. Applications - Mods requested.

  5. Program Reports

  6. Summary Reports

  7. Expense Reports

  8. Grant Reports Due

  9. Overdue Grant Reports

Notifications can be filtered using the drop-down menu.


*Note, if you have nothing to show, it will say “You currently have no tasks”.


Modules are icons that re-direct you to various DD Suite system features. You may have more or less, depending based upon your organization using those features.

  • Applications - Access and maintain applications.

  • Projects - View awarded grant projects.

  • Periodic Reporting - You can view the period and type of report (Expense, Program or Summary) that are submitted, pending, not started, modified, etc.

  • Notices of Funds Available (NoFAs) / Request for Proposal (RFPs) - View/Apply for Grants.

  • Administration - View/Change Organization information and accounts (Administrators only).


Grantee Organization Modules